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This Christian author perfectly summarizes what happens when you really “listen” to leftist culture

This Christian author perfectly summarizes what happens when you really “listen” to leftist culture

Christian author Paul McCusker is known for his work with the long-running audio drama series, Adventures in Odyssey, as well as many books, plays, and more. This year, for his birthday, he penned a response to the trending mantra that anyone who isn’t up to the cultural standards of wokeness must shut up and listen.

His response?

I have been listening.

I highly recommend reading the whole post, but here are a few highlights:

Over the past few decades you have said that I need to listen to you more. “A time of listening” is what you and your disciples have demanded. The fact is, I have been listening. And, for most of my life, this is what I’ve heard from you:

  • You declared that absolute truth did not exist, then made your subjective truth absolute.
  • You praised individuality, even while you required conformity – and openly ridiculed individuals who were not your approved kind of different.
  • You promised freedom without responsibility, pleasure without consequences, affirmation without accomplishment, love without sacrifice.
  • You created a culture of death and expected me to celebrate the ways you demeaned and disregarded human life.
  • You weaponized tolerance, equality, diversity, inclusivity, law, and social order – all to create a chaos you believe you can control.
  • You became rigid and unforgiving, eliminating grace, mercy, and forgiveness from your ideology.
  • You promised peace as long as I surrendered.
  • You said that equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity should be “color-blind.” But then you turned us into adversarial tribes – with no regard for talent, skill, intelligence, virtue, merit, ability, or common humanity – and have made color everything.
  • You said I was on the wrong side of history, and then you tried to eliminate history by poisoning the past.

Daang! Every word of this is just…

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