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Category: Liberty

Our Country Is Facing a Great Threat

Our country is facing a great threat. We are in a fight. The enemy is the radical vigilante woke democrats. This enemy has taken over media, educational institutions, corporate boards,…
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Prager U Video: “How I Accidentally Red-Pilled Myself”

Former angry BLM activist transforms into a calm and confident voice for the conservative movement. April 19, 2023 by Prager University In this new video, former BLM activist Xaviaer DuRousseau – who…
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Texas Senate passes bill to send state funds to private schools

COMMUNITY IMPACT | By Hannah Norton | 11:01 PM Apr 6, 2023 CDTUpdated 11:01 PM Apr 6, 2023 CDT A proposal to use state money to help parents pay for private schools was approved…
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