Lakeway,TX 78734,USA


Dave, this will be your page to do whatever you want with.

Welcome to the Travis county Rebublican party Precinct 374 page 

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Dave Markle
Republican Chair 374, Voter Deputy Registrar, Election Judge
407 Morning Cloud, Lakeway, Tx 78734

“Our country is facing a great threat. We are in a fight
The enemy is radical vigilante woke democrats.
This group has intentionally caused inflation.
They continue to brainwash our children.
They have burned, looted, and destroyed in many of our cities.
In the pandemic, they trampled all over our personal liberties.
They have let drug dealers, murderers, and other violent criminals across our borders.

The time for watching from the sidelines is over.
I need team leaders and donations.
Venmo @David-Markle-7 with your donation