Lakeway,TX 78734,USA


Welcome to the Travis county Rebublican party  Precinct 375 page  

If you can hear local pilots take off and land from theLakeway Airpark then you likley live in my precinct 375.    

I got sick and tired of being sick and tierd of sitting on the couch day after day hearing about how my country, my state and my town were progressing in the wrong direction.   In 2021 I started woring as an election worker and have worked all the elections since.  I also helped start and as a group we focus locally and support local canidates and issues in the Lake Travis (south side of the lake) area. We were a siginifant part of many canidate wins to Lakeway City Council and LTISD boad in the May 2022 election.   Right after the May 2022 election I was elected/volenteered to be the Travis county Rebublican party Precinct 375 Chariman.  (see the map here) I am also a Travis County 


I am asking for volunteers to help with block walking in and around your street and other to host meet-and-greet for you neighbors on your street.  Please email or call or text me at 575-404-1806