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When a quarter of the class identifies as trans

ART CLUB THE MOVIE Kevin Lundberg, along with the Lee family, have spent the last year producing this first-hand account of their family’s experience with public school indoctrination and the transgender social contagion.…
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The Lake-Way Podcast

About the Lake-Way Podcast About the Lake-Way Podcast Sharing all things prescient on the political front and other areas of discussion regarding things we hold dear in the lake Travis…
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Brave School Districts fighting back!


A remarkable thing happened at the April LTISD school board meeting. The board chair, Mr. John Aoueille(pronounced owl-way), interrupted concerned citizen Jennifer Fleck during her citizen communication and denied her…
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Call to Action HB 900 – Book Bill

Patriots, HB 900 is the library book bill written to prohibit sexually explicit books in K-12 libraries and hold book vendors liable for rating content of the same.  The bill…
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The Real Issue: LTISD Library Books

I am a lifelong Texan and currently reside in Lakeway. A big reason why my family chose to live here was the impression we got that the schools were excellent,…
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Charlotte Iserbyt: Education restructuring for global economy

Posted May 6, 2012 BY CHARLOTTE THOMSON ISERT The new performance-based system will result in the brainwashing of our children. LD 1422 is not a bill about standards-based academics but is focused…
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