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The Real Issue: LTISD Library Books

The Real Issue: LTISD Library Books

I am a lifelong Texan and currently reside in Lakeway. A big reason why my family chose to live here was the impression we got that the schools were excellent, the students were high performing and students were getting all the tools that they would need to be good citizens and productive adults when they graduated. Well, we have learned that the shiny facade is not the whole picture. New buildings and nice stadiums do not make a good school. The basic tenets of education should be foremost and standards must be adhered to. One area that I found particularly disturbing is the continued creep toward woke ideology by national organizations expressing their agenda in our local schools and the lack of any response from the school board. And here folks, is where I refer to how the district procures its library books. Yep, with a blind eye, our school board purchases books from international publishing institutions that use ultra-woke national teachers unions to create the recommended book lists. Who is going to stand up to the ever-bearing infiltration of our curriculum from outside influences that are seated in lies and mistruths about human nature. Schools are becoming an obstacle to students ever finding the pathway to their true purpose. 

I wanted to bring this point to more people so I posted the following on social media:

So what is going on with the books in the LTISD school libraries? I have listened to countless concerned citizens who read excerpts from books found in our school libraries at the school board meetings. Parents have been voicing their concerns to the superintendent for over a year and yet, the books remain. So far, no one from the school administration has answered this simple question; What is the educational value of sexually illicit, critical race theory themed, or gender transition affirming books in our elementary and middle schools? The mere presence of the books in the LTISD school library system condones and legitimizes them. And implies a tacit acceptance of their harmful content. Must we expose our kids to hyper-sexualized gender confusing racist content in the name of inclusion? The school administrators(insert librarians here) seemingly desire for your kids to be exposed to these types of books.  Did you know how many of these types of books are in the libraries? Hundreds of them. I have three kids in the district and I would prefer that they not be exposed to books of this nature. It is hard enough just standing up to the virtual onslaught of harmful material that they are exposed to online. The schools should be a safe space for the innocent hearts of our kiddos. I look forward to the representative trustees using their legally granted authority to create policy that will address this issue. And I think while they sort this all out, any questionable book should be suspended from the shelf pending approval though the process sought by the board.

FYI since I wrote that post, the school board has not changed its policy as to how to curate library books. I guess I was praying that the trustees would actually do something. Instead it is more political lip service and no real action on their part. You should email them at

So back to the post,

I was met with many sophomoric responses. For example, one response instructed me to “move my puritan self to Florida!” 

So I responded:

Move to Florida…. Really? Hey, if any of you parents out there don’t like grooming books in the elementary library well then, it’s exile for you. How tolerant! Wow! So inclusive! This must be the inclusivity referred to in those Marxist critical race theory books. Cuz ya know, starving political dissidents to death is so inclusive. If you think those you disagree with should leave the state, then clearly you could care less about inclusivity. I assume the comment was meant to be funny and I’m sure our members of the native American community think it’s super hilarious. You have heard of the Trail of Tears, right? The comment itself would make one appear pretty ignorant of American history. Now before y’alls get all “appropriation” worked up, please know I am not comparing my experience to that of native Americans. However, my daughter does have native American lineage. She is 8. Would we exile her too? My family has been in Texas for 5 generations and we ain’t going to leave. So, what now? To the gulag you book banners! I merely want to better our schools by applying a little discernment to what content we expose our little ones to. Maybe you like hypersexualized groomer content in elementary schools, but I don’t. Holy crap! How awful of me! Off to exile you puritan!! You’re an adult you can read whatever you want to, but this is not about adults. It’s about our kids. A different standard applies. At first, I thought the comment did not warrant a response but then I saw that folks in this community agree with it and I had to point out the hypocrisy. It’s really sad. The 15 likes reveal how truly insensitive so many are of our shared history.  

This response was removed within hours. Yet, the “move to Florida, you puritan” comment remains.  This is why I decided to write this commentary and share it in a place where I would not be censored. We have a real problem in our local schools. We have woke ideology that is rotting the schools from the inside. If we don’t get involved now, then we will lose this generation of kids to an ideology that will corrupt them into believing that America is bad and they will usher in the cultural revolution that our enemies are praying for. This is an ideological war and the battlefield is in our schools.

Thanks for reading,

Frederic DuPuy


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