Lakeway,TX 78734,USA

Why you should vote for our conservative LTISD School Board candidates.

Our conservative candidates support parent involvement within the schools and work to foster respect for each individual student’s needs. Progressive candidates do not support each child’s needs, as evidenced by their requests to continually push for mask mandates across all students and all campuses. When our school board announced their mask optional decision, the progressive candidates recommended ways to persuade the kids to wear them anyway.

Our conservative school board members will continue to

• Advocate for medical freedom and your child’s choice to choose.

• Promote freedom for your child to wear or not wear a mask.

• Promote parent interaction at school with your child.

• Keep your schools open.

• Promote no vaccine mandates for students or visitors.

• Support each child’s need as an individual.

• Continue the pledge of allegiance during morning announcements.

Progressive LTISD SB Candidates keep making promises, but so far they have:

  • Publicly denounced any partisan affiliation stating specifically, “I will not accept the support of any political action committee; but yet is being supported by Texas Blue Action
  • Strongly advocated for COVID restrictions for students, staff, and parents:
    1. Enforcement of mask mandates for all students and school staff
    2. Elimination of large gatherings at schools, which would have resulted in shutting down after school activities/clubs
    3. Pushed for students to be quarantined for minimum of 7 days if exposed to someone with COVID
    4. Recommended for campuses to only allow visitors with proof of vaccination

Progressives also..

  • Strongly advocate for LGBTQIA+ recognition and support in classrooms when our conservative candidates feel that sexual orientation/gender identity discussions should occur outside of the classrooms
    1. Requested for morning announcements to include reminders for wearing masks during school
    2. Asked for teachers to keep masks on hand to provide to students in class while explaining the importance of students working together to keep everyone safe and healthy
    3. Requested for posters/signs to be hung around campus encouraging everyone to wear a mask
    4. Suggested that the district should make masks part of the students’ uniform

A Progressive School Board will:

• Force masks and will require masks to be part of a uniform

• Force hanging signs for everyone to wear a mask.

• Force vaccine mandates for students and visitors.

• Force LGBTQIA+ in the classroom without parental consent.

• Force gender identity discussion in classrooms, even starting in Kindergarten.

• Undermine parental values and opinions in order to indoctrinate and influence kids’ sexuality.

We should pause for a moment and think this through. Remember the negative effects and the long- term damages caused to your children with the COVID restrictions? Do we actually want to elect a Progressive School Board that will force our kids to mask and socially distance at our schools?

Make no mistake, a Progressive School Board will result in our children being forced to mask and restrict them from basic human interactions with their friends on our school district’s campuses.

A Progressive board will strongly advocate for the indoctrination of our children with LGBTQIA+ recognition in our classrooms and permanently damage them.

A progressive School Board will allow for the undermining of parents in order indoctrinate and influence our kids sexually – this will inflict harm on our children for the rest of their lives.

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